What Technology Was Inspired By Animals?

Have you ever thought about how animals survive in the wild? It’s astonishing how well they adapt to their surroundings and utilize their innate abilities. For years, scientists have been researching animal names and behavior, and they have invented some wonderful technologies inspired by animals. Here are a few instances of cutting-edge technology inspired by our feathered and furry pals. Keep reading till the end because I have a bonus example that will completely blow your head!

technology was inspired by animals

Heat Seeking Missiles

Did you know that snakes inspired heat-seeking missiles? Snakes can detect their prey’s body heat even in complete darkness. A similar technique was used by scientists to produce infrared technology that can track targets from a distance. The military now utilizes this technique to monitor hostile vehicles and aircraft.

Bulletproof Vest

The robust, protective scales of fish inspired the Kevlar material used in bulletproof vests. Because fish scales are extremely tough and resistant to punctures, scientists created a synthetic material with similar qualities. Kevlar is presently employed in many applications, including protective vests and race car tires.


Bats influenced sonar technology. Bats uses echolocation to navigate in the dark and avoid obstacles. Scientists recognized they might apply this same idea to create a system for locating objects underwater. The military now employs this technique to find submarines and ships.

Gecko Tape

You guessed it, geckos inspired Gecko Tape! Because of the unique pads on their feet, these small lizards can climb walls and ceilings. These pads have small hairs on them that allow them to cling to surfaces. Scientists created a synthetic material with similar qualities, and gecko tape is now used for everything from scaling walls to holding cell phones.

The shape of bird wings inspired the shape of airplane wings. Birds can fly because of the unique shape of their wings. This design enables them to generate lift, propelling them through the air. Scientists investigated the aerodynamic properties of bird wings before designing the first airplane wings.

Velcro was inspired by the burrs that attach to the fur of animals. These burrs have microscopic hooks that allow them to stick to the fur of animals. Scientists recognized they might apply this similar idea to develop a fastening mechanism for clothing and other goods. Velcro is presently employed in a wide range of applications, including shoes and space suits.

Shark Skin Wetsuit

The first shark-resistant wetsuit was inspired by shark skin. Sharks have small tooth-like features called denticles that cover their bodies. These denticles strengthen their skin and make it resistant to wounds. Scientists created a synthetic material with similar qualities, and now divers and surfers use shark-proof wetsuits to protect themselves from sharks.

Prosthetic Legs

Animal legs influenced the development of prosthetic legs. Animals can move rapidly and efficiently due to the unique shape of their legs. Scientists researched the anatomy of animal legs and utilized this knowledge to create human prosthetic legs. People who have lost their legs are now using this technology to help them walk again.

Military Robots

The design of military robots was inspired by animal design. Because of their unique anatomy, animals can move rapidly and efficiently. Scientists examined animal anatomy and utilized this knowledge to create military robots. The military is currently using these robots to assist soldiers in combat scenarios.

Bionic Eyesight

The eyes of animals inspired bionic eyesight. Animals have unique eyes that enable them to see in dim light. Scientists investigated the architecture of animal eyes and utilized this knowledge to create bionic eyesight for humans. People who are blind or have poor vision are now using this technology to help them see again.

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